13 Fun and Flirty Text Messages


happy valentines day!

Can you believe it’s almost time for the big V day? And February is the most romantic month of the year am I right?

It’s so easy to loose site of what is most important in your relationship when you are busy with daily life. Isn’t it so easy to forget to communicate and spend time with our love?

In fact that’s the biggest predictor of a disconnected couple. They aren’t spending time communicating together. They are either not talking to one another or even worse they are talking but they aren’t having meaningful conversations.

When you have meaningful conversations your relationship is more connected and happy!

Unsure of how to make that happen! Well, I’m here to help!

I have teamed up with my friends at Bridepath, to bring you this super fun, easy, and flirty challenge!

Keep that romance alive and the conversations flowing!

It is 13 flirty text messages designed to keep the romance alive and gives you something fun and meaningful to say to one another  for the 13 days leading up to Valentines Day!

It’s literally going to take 5 seconds per day and will make a massive impact on your love and your relationship.

AND A GIVEAWAY always makes it more exciting!

We’re running this give away with Bride Path, and you’ll get 2 prizes at the end of the challenge! Just post daily in our Facebook Page that you

  1. Sent the text
  2. And what their response was!

Each post you make gives you one entry and we’ll be doing the drawing on Valentine’s Day!!

Here’s your LINK to download your list now! 

Can’t wait for you to do this!

happy valentines day!


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