Couple Goals for 2020



Happy New Year! It’s that time of year! Let’s make some couple resolutions! #couplegoals

This year for 2020 I want you to make your relationship epic. That means massive transformation and massive happiness between the two of you! That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And I know exactly how to make that happen for you in 2020. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog post you will know exactly what you need to do so that you can make that happen.

Isn’t it crazy, that most couples assume that their relationship is set and that no matter what they do, things won’t change that much. In fact, most believe that once they have become an established couple they are set in their ways. And once the honeymoon period is over, it’s over. That belief leaves most couples feeling sad and more disconnected.

Chin up! This won’t happen to your relationship because of this little tip I’m going to share. The belief that your relationship will never change could not be further from the truth. Your relationship can still have massive change, transformation, and happiness at each stage of the game. How? The fastest way to do that is through making some couple goals.  And this is the perfect time of year to make it happen. New Years is just around the corner and why not make 2020 the year of your relationship. Make this happen through making some epic couple goals!

What are couple goals? They are resolutions you make for your relationship. These are like relationship goals, in that they are the outline for how you want your relationship to be. Do you want more love, intimacy, and fun? Make goals around those topics. In other words couple goals are relationship goals. They are similar to the personal ones you make each year, but these are designed specifically for the health and growth of your relationship.

As with any goal planning you want to make sure that your goal is

  1. Realistic
  2. Achievable
  3. Something you both agree on

Want some examples?

Couple Goals for 2020

  1. We will go on a date once a month
  2. We will keep our phones out of the bedroom for the entire month of January
  3. We will go on one new adventure in the month of February
  4. We will be more honest to one another when speaking
  5. We will surprise each other once a month with a hidden note

See! Aren’t these fun?! By adding in this element of a couple resolution or some couple goals, you will be setting the intention that your relationship will be different. That it will grow and through these goals you will grow together. Believe it or not, you are making your relationship epic by adding in more fun, more interactions, and more experiences together. I love how you both can tailor your relationship to be what you both want. Want more travel? Adventure? Intimacy? Make it a goal! And then work on it each month, small baby steps to make it happen. Before you know it, you’ll be having all of the things you want in your relationship!

Your goals are vital ingredients to the health of your relationship. All relationships need more experiences, happiness, interactions, time, and love. When you make space for these ingredients in your relationship you will be amazed at the growth your relationship will see. Not only will you see more love and fun, but you will feel and experience a deeper connection. More happiness and overall more intimacy. And hello. Who doesn’t want more of that? We all do!


Can you imagine how it would feel to feel more love and intimacy in your relationship? And by implementing something as simple as a couple goal for 2020, you can in fact make your relationship EPIC. Let’s do this! Make a couple goal today and get ready for the best year your relationship has ever seen!

I’m Allison, owner of Cook In Tonight and I can’t wait to see your epic relationship in 2020! Comment with what your couple goals will be for 2020, I cannot wait to hear them. Happy New Year!


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