Just rethink your date night. Date night can be as simple as making and eating a meal together.You can date in your home and after you get home from work. Any night can be date night with Cook In. Our Cooking Date Night membership provides a quality experience delivered right to your inbox each month. It takes the stress out of planning, we do that for you. All you have to do is pick a night, gather your ingredients, your partner, and head into the kitchen! Put the kids to bed and get ready to go on a date without ever leaving your home. Each month you’ll get a fun themed menu for two. Also included: conversation starters, music to listen to, and easy step by step cooking directions that are designed for two to cook together. I believe the best dates include something fun to do and great conversation. Cook In Tonight gives you both.


Hello! My name is Allison Carver and welcome to Cook In Tonight’s website! My husband and I love cooking and use it to date each other. I am excited to share my recipes with you and show you how fun going on a date in your kitchen can be! Reconnect by cooking together.

Cook In is a fun and completely different way to date your significant other. Each month, Cook In shows you how to experience more quality time together. Recipes are sent monthly for you to enjoy the process of cooking and eating as a couple. The membership fits every lifestyle, budget and relationship.  

Official chef style cotton Cook In Tonight aprons (2)

A themed menu with full printed recipes complete with ingredient list

Ideas on how to set the table
Wine and Beer Pairings

Suggested movies to watch after your meal
A complete themed playlist of songs to listen to while cooking
Conversation starters which are geared around your relationship

Official Cook In Tonight folder to keep recipes in

Each month a new themed menu will be available to you in the Members-Only area. You’ll get an email reminder on the first of each month. 
Keep your apron handy, you will need to use it again each month when your date arrives! As
a member you will have Member-Only access to all archived menus and recipes and you’ll also receive a few surprises in the mail throughout the year! Allison will also share LIVE relationship tips and tricks on the Cook In Tonight Facebook Page each month to help strengthen your relationship!

We had the best time- Cook In is such a creative way to have fun, try something different, and talk about stuff that is needed to talk about.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. From being able to cook together, sit and talk comfortably and making delicious pizzas, it was amazing! I highly recommend this for anyone! It was one of the most relaxing and fun evenings that I have had in a long time!! DE

Thanks! The scones were/are delicious and will become regular breakfast features (at least on weekends!). It was a wonderful experience that I will be sure to recommend to my friends. ~TJ

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